Six strange-spooky predictions and warnings by Stephen Hawking

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Stephen Hawking, a theoretical physicist, a cosmologist and a great author of his time was diagnosed with motor neuron disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). At age of 21, doctor said he had only 2-3 years of his life left. He didn't stop, he continued his work and contributed to physics and turned out to be best theoretical physicist of modern physics. His lifespan of 76 year was very important to physics, space science & astronomy. He was especially famous for Hawking Radiations Theory, General Relativity and Quantum Gravity in the context of black holes. In his life, he made very strange and spooky predictions for humans and also warned us with many things. Let's take a look on six of his predictions and warnings.

Stephen Hawking's predictions & warnings for us:

1. Artificial intelligence (AI) Supremacy:


              Stephen Hawking was completely depend on technology and his life was easy with help of technology. He said, Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be somehow dangerous for human race in future.

In an interview with BBC, in December 2014 he said,"The development of full Artificial Intelligence could spell the end of the human race. It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever-increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete and would be superseded." -Source BBC
             However, we can see this warning and prediction are turning into reality. We can see most of the gadget that we are using are AI based. We are trying to make things easy with the help of technology but there will the day when only technology would exist. Humans who produced AI, won't be able to control them and will be slave for them. The day might come when AI get so smart that they will design a robot or machine themselves. Many smart people in the world like Elon musk and others had already warned us about AI and told to slow down the use. Elon also says, "We must heavily regulate AI", whereas, Stephen hawking said, "No amount of AI can stop AI from taking over the world."
            We can come to the conclusion that AI should be use only upto it's limits or humans will have to face it's consequences.

2. Space Exploration:


           Stephen hawking said, space exploration is very necessary for humanity to survive. Earth, our mother planet is the only place which have life and also have many dangers that can wipe out all the humanity within fraction of seconds.There are many dangers like asteroid collision, climate change, AI danger and many things.
           Stephen hawking also emphasized that if we have to keep human race existing we should spread out in space as soon as possible. We should explore more planets not only in our solar system but outside too. This is the only way we can protect humanity from the verge of extinction. 

3. Alien Contact may destroy us: 


             In this Universe of trillions of planets and billions of galaxies, Stephen hawking and many other people believes that there might be extraterrestrial life existing somewhere in universe. Just like we are in search of them, they may be in search for us. This may happen tomorrow or in hundreds of year from now.
             If the extraterrestrial life is more advanced than us, then they might wipe us out and our planet for themselves. In case of any alien civilization attacked us, we humans in defense will use our nuclear weapons and that might end our human race too.
             But, if we develop enough technology for our defense and for space exploration we can contact aliens first and we can make a friendly hand with them.

4. Asteroid Collision:

Source: Internet

             Stephen hawking used to believe that asteroid strike is one of the most prominent threat to the Earth. He also said," This is not science fiction and according to physics law and probability asteroid strike may happen on earth and will wipe up complete humanity."
             In 2016, Asteroid named 2016 NF23 was very close to earth and was of size between 230 foots  & 525 foots as size of Great pyramid of Giza, in Egypt. It was heading towards earth with the speed of 20,000 mph. This asteroid was big enough to destroy a big city or country maybe. Many asteroid travels through the space and one can hit earth easily. Stephen hawking believed, in some thousands of years asteroid may hit earth and wipe out humanity. The only way we can survive this is to spread out in the habitable planets in space as stopping asteroid is never the option.

5. Climate change:


             This is also one of the biggest problems for humanity, said Stephen hawking. If we don't stop polluting soon, rather than getting hit by asteroid or contacting the aliens the biggest threat to humanity will be pollution and climate change. He said,"If we keep going with present situation earth will change into Venus, with temperature more than 250° Celsius or 500° Fahrenheit with Sulphuric acid rain, in some hundreds of years from now. We humans would have to start to live underground and may be earth will become completely uninhabitable." Hawking said that this is most possible and upcoming threat to the earth by humans for humans.

6. Gene editing:


              Yes, technology is well developed now for gene editing. This is sort of good thing for human as they now can customize their body. But Stephen hawking was worried about this, as this may give birth to the super human or human which can be threat to other normal humans. With the advent of stem cells editing technology humans can design their body as per their choice. Recently in China, doctors made customization in babies eye by turning them blue. We can see more development in upcoming years and can led to the problem again. Hawking predicted, their might be breeds of superhumans who will be too much intelligent, they will be self designing beings and keep on improving. This will be threat to other humans.

            Some of these predictions are fascinating for technological upgrades but along with that these predictions should be taken under consideration for the sake of fate of humanity. 
As each coin has two face, similarly these technological upgrades will surely be a boon. But if it's uses gets beyond the limit, the consequences could be worse. 

Do comment down below your thoughts about Prof. Stephen Hawking and his threatening predictions...



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