Rogue Planet - The Home-less Planet

Mysterious universe keep confounding us with its enigma. We humans are always curious to know about universe and keep on researching various things. While exploring planet out of our solar system astrophysicists found something unusual & unorthodox.

                Astrophysicist Takahiro Sumi & his colleagues of Osaka University in Japan published their study on gravitational lensing observations in 2011, they
observed 50 million stars in the Milky Way using the 1.8-meter MOA-II telescope at New Zealand's  Mount John Observatory  and the 1.3-meter University of Warsaw telescope at Chile's  Las campanas Observatory. They found 474 incident of lensing, they were assumed to be the planets, ten of these were big enough of Jupiter's size and it was strange to know the planets were not associated with star in immediate vicinity.

 (Image: ESO/L. Calçada/P. Delorme/Nick Risinger ( Saito/VVV Consortium)

 They are termed as Rogue Planets & are also termed as Interstellar Planets, Nomads PlanetsFree Floating Planets & Star-less Planets. The characteristics of these planets were completely different from the other planets from solar system. These planets are highly unstable. They keep on moving away from their solar system because of unstable orbit with high speed, they do not gravitationally bound with any star. Rouge plants have frozen surface and there is no day or night as they do not revolve around any star. Life support on this planets is nearly impossible because of it's geographic and atmospheric conditions.

    We can't see rogue planets with normal telescope as there is no light of any star around it, infrared telescope are used to find rouge planets. With current technology and distance from the earth it's unable to know much about rogue planets, it's history, it's atmospheric conditions, it's surface & many other things are still mysteries.
Rouge plant from our solar system ?

   To know about our solar system's dynamic evolution, a computer simulation model was made, The results were shocking; it showed that our solar system once had 5 giants plants but one giant planet crossed orbit of another giant planet and moved out of our solar system. Simulation also showed that because of gravitational effect of that planet, Jupiter's and other planet's orbit were also affected to move from there original position. In 2014 astrophysicist found out the nearest rouge plant from earth is seven light years away from Earth. It's mass is 3-10 times more than Jupiter and it's possible that it was the giant planet from our solar system. As it's away from earth it's difficult to get detailed information about that rouge planet. It's age is yet mystery for us.

What if any rogue planet entered our solar system?

 As rogue planets move with any certain orbit it's possible that one can enter our solar system. And if any planet is unlucky to be in collision course it may move out from its orbit as the speed and mass of rouge planets are too high. It may have very bad effect and can move Earth out of habitable zone or can make Earth's orbit more elliptical and can change Earth completely. But there is no worry as our solar system is much, big planet can pass without any collision course easily. Huff! We are safe.



Comment down below your views about the rogue planets and what if it enters in our solar system?
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