Oumuamua- First interstellar object observed in our solar system.

(Credit: European Southern Observatory / M. Kornmesser)

       It was nineteenth day of October 2017, at Haleakala Observatory, Canadian physicist and astronomer Robert Weryk saw something outlandish & unorthodox in our solar system through the Pan-STARRS 1 Telescope. It was an interstellar object in our solar system seen first time ever by any telescope, everyone was shocked and outrage. It became trending topic for astrophysicist, astronomers and many researchers for research. It is assumed that many interstellar object would have been passed through our solar system before but this was first ever observed by any telescope by human. It was named as Oumuamua. Let's take a look on details of Oumuamua.

About Oumuamua:-

(Credit: European Southern Observatory / M. Kornmesser)

        When Oumuamua was seen, it was 33,000,000 Km away from Earth about 85 times as far away as the Moon. It was moving away from sun at speed of 26.33 Km per second. It was designated by '1-I' as it was first ever observed interstellar object (Here 'I' refers to ' Interstellar' as Asteroids are referred to 'A' and Comets are referred to 'C' in their respective names) and complete MPC designation is 1 I/2017 U1 .It is pronounced as oumuamua. In Hawaiian language it means 'First time visitor from far away'.
Credits: solarsystem.nasa.gov

         The orbit of Oumuamua was quite strange as examined by scientists, every object revolve around sun circularly or elliptically with orbital eccentricity of 0-1 and orbital eccentricity of oumuamua was 1.2 which proved that it was Interstellar object as it was more than parabolic escape orbit. Computer simulation explains that it came from direction of Vega star from Lyra constellation.

Credits: NASA/JPL

What was it? A Comet, Asteroid, Interstellar object or any Interstellar Alien ship ?

       It wasn't easy to recognize and became a mystery. As it was seen for really short period of time it was difficult to know much about it. But when Observatory launched images and was examined by various scientists and astronomers, they come to the conclusion (with observations of it's movement, speed, and many characteristics) that it was not a Comet. As Comet move close by the Sun, ice from it turns into steam and it appears as a tail to the Comet but image doesn't seem like that, so it wasn't Comet, says astronomers and scientists. Then it was assumed as a asteroid but it's motion was unstable & tumbling as the sunlight reflecting it was also not stable and uneven as asteroid moves in constant motion without tumbling. It was further studied by SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and was considered as Interstellar object in our solar system and was designated with 'I' as asteroid & comet are designated as 'A' & 'C' respectively. But some years ago, an article was written by Astrophysicist, Shmuel Bialy & Abraham Loeb of Harvard university was shocking. They made assumption that Oumuamua may be a fully functional probe sent by highly intelligent alien civilization towards Earth intentionally.

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