Aliens & extraterrestrial lifes have always fascinated humans over their existence since centuries. Many scientists & astrophysicist have their own opinions and researches about this topic. The atmosphere at certain planets made scientists believe in existence of extraterrestrial life but because of undeveloped technology we don't have any valid evidence of extraterrestrial lifes yet.
    Some of these astrophysicists and scientists believes that extraterrestrial life is possible on some planets which lies in habitable zone of their respective star system.


       Recently, Dr. Sutton (Astrophysicist -Lincoln university ) said that existence of life is possible on exomoons (Moons of planets out of our Solar System) or exoplanets (Planets out of our Solar System) especially the gas giants. Similarly, as Titan seems habitable which is a moon of Saturn in our solar system.
    Dr Sutton explained, "These moons can be internally heated by the Gravitational Forces of the planet that they orbit, which can lead to them have liquid water well outside the normal narrow habitable zone for planets that we are currently trying to find Earth-like planets in. I believe that if we can find them, moons offer a more promising avenue for finding extra-terrestrial life." 

    Dr. Sutton's research shows the possibilities of moons orbiting the exoplanet J1407b, that may have caused gaps in the planet's ring system.


    Dr Sutton  created and ran a computer simulations of the rings around the Planet- J1407b. These rings are 200 times larger than those around Saturn because of which the planet is also termed as “Super Saturn”.
For the computer simulations, the Gravitational forces between all the particles were calculated which was further used to update the positions, accelerations and velocities in the simulation of the planet and it’s ring.

  He proceeded the computer model by adding a moon that orbit at various positions and at different ratios of revolutions outside the ring system. This helped him to analyse whether this moon+ring system cause gaps to form in defined 100 orbital periods (OP)

    Thus the World Of Exomoons and Exoplanets upholds the possibilities of existence of the extraterrestrial life. The life could be similar to that on Earth or can totally be a newbie for Humanity and our knowledge! There can even be life without the well known carbon-system of life found on Earth. Let's hope we find any such life very soon!



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